Adrenal steroids and the metabolic syndrome

During minor illness (., flu or fever >38° C [° F]) the hydrocortisone dose should be doubled for 2 or 3 days. The inability to ingest hydrocortisone tablets warrants parenteral administration. Most patients can be educated to self administer hydrocortisone, 100 mg IM, and reduce the risk of an emergency room visit. Hydrocortisone, 75 mg/day, provides adequate glucocorticoid coverage for outpatient surgery. Parenteral hydrocortisone, 150 to 200 mg/day (in three or four divided doses), is needed for major surgery, with a rapid taper to normal replacement during the recovery. Patients taking more than 100 mg hydrocortisone/day do not need any additional mineralocorticoid replacement. All patients should wear some form of identification indicating their adrenal insufficiency status.

Sufferers of adrenal fatigue usually jump from one doctor to another because they are not improving. The reasons are simple. The body is not getting what it needs at the foundation level to effectively recoup, rebuild and heal itself. More is not necessarily better, and often can weaken the body. Stimulating the body without nurturing the adrenals leads to a gradual decompensation of the body that ultimately can be debilitating. Many sufferers have seen their careers destroyed, social life vanished, becoming homebound, and in severe cases, even bedridden. This doesn’t have to be you. It’s YOUR body! Do not take YOUR fatigue lightly. Short-term patches and ignorant nutritional and medical advice can ruin you. The body has amazing recovery ability if only given the right tools and chance, and that is where the recovery effort should be focused on.

You described exactly what I was experiencing this past Fall, and I developed POTS in February… it was terrifying to feel this way… and I only got worse overy the winter. I feel for you. Have you joined the Adrenal Fatigue Recovery group on Facebook? I’ve learned a lot on there. I found I was waking up at 4am due to low blood sugar, which caused my body to go into a stress state, which spiked my cortisol and caused me to wake up. I’d cook eggs and bacon and go back to bed. I found that eating a high protein snack just before bed would help, and eating a big high protein breakfast first thing in the AM kept my blood sugar more stable throughout the day. My blood sugar is under control now. Best of luck!
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Adrenal steroids and the metabolic syndrome

adrenal steroids and the metabolic syndrome


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