Anabolic nation sust 500mg

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This is a great UGL. First off, ill probably catch shit for this but, I'll mention the packaging and overall quality of vials, caps, and stoppers. The labels were nice looking, professionally done. The vials and hardware were very good and the amps opened nice and clean. Sealed well also. Ok, now the important parts; the product quality of this lab is very good I'd say. I've nothing to gauge the compound against because this is my first go-round with this lab and particular compound. But, from what I understand the color is golden and looks just as it should. It also has a very distinct and potent "medicinal" smell that is typical in legit Fina. As for its potency, I'm gaining very fast on 60mg ED. Sides for me are very mild with excess sweating being the worst side. Suppose I'm very lucky. No "Tren Cough" yet either. PIP is non-existent with this lab and compound which is essential with ED pinning. So far, so good. Potent gear to be sure. Probably one of the top UGL's available IMO.

Anabolic nation sust 500mg

anabolic nation sust 500mg


anabolic nation sust 500mganabolic nation sust 500mg