Dbol how quick

another tip,when you come off dbol come off it slowly dont just suddenly run out n think oh thats it.. so on the last week, maybe cut down to 30mg per day for 4days then 20mg for the following few days then finally down to 10mg for few days after that i think this helps with side effects because coming off slowly will prevent your body from being in shock from the dbol just being cut off straight away..( im going to try this on my next cycle) whats your diet like and training? (protein intake,calorie intake,etc?) if you have anymore questions feel free to ask., as long as you keep training as hard when you come off as you were when you were on you'll keep most of your gains in my opinion.. expect your big compound excercises to go up a good 20kg in weight and when you come off dbol they will most likely drop down to what you were lifting before.. but just keep training hard n eating hard when you come off n you'll keep plently of weight!

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Dbol how quick

dbol how quick


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