East german ak handguard

Figure 43: And this is the whole AK-74 after refinishing and reassembly! Wow!
Footnote by AIMSMALL: Alternative Tung Oil Finish
Below some pictures of my first time using Tung oil; this is after 4 coats. The process is a little more tedious then the "wipe on poly" in my opinion and I think I like the way the poly looks a little better too. For the Tung oil you do everything the same up until the staining is all done then you wipe it on and wait 5-15 minutes before buffing it off with a clean strip of an old t-shirt. I found that the tung oil would get very tacky after 6 or 7 minutes making it really hard to buff off so I immediately added a fresh coat of tung oil and then buffed it right away. That made buffing easy and worked very well.
Figure 44: Tung Oil results after 4 coats.
The thing I liked better about the process for the poly was that you just wipe it on and let it dry, no buffing off wet sticky oil. The trade off is that you will need to buff the dry poly coats with steel wool before each additional coat can be applied, with the Tung oil you just add another coat. The poly process seemed to be easier overall because I was able to work for a few minutes then walk away and come back to it whenever I wanted. With the Tung oil you have to commit to the time it takes to get through first coating the AK furniture, then waiting 5-15 minutes, then re-coat to break the stickiness, then buff.

Chest Rig for the Type 63 Rifle
These are original Mag and Ammo Chest bandoleers for the Type 63 PLA Chinese troops. Bandoleer has 6 mag pockets and 4 grenade pockets. Mag pockets were designed for the AK 20 Round mags, these hold other mags as well as ammo on stripper clips. We have tired FAL and M14 (as well as similar mags) mags. Metal belt buckle has the PLA star for all to see. Chest bandoler has shoulder rigs as well as adjustible girth. A great addition to any Communist Chinese collection. These can be used with AK or SKS ammo on stripper clips for ease of carry in field use. Another David's Collectibles hard to find collectible.

East german ak handguard

east german ak handguard


east german ak handguardeast german ak handguardeast german ak handguardeast german ak handguardeast german ak handguard