East german furniture

Trials are currently underway to assess ‘mechanical fuel reduction’ in our public forests. The details are sketchy but seem to be based on a US practice of using heavy machinery with mulching/shredding capacity to run through native forests turning everything in the lower and mid story into mulch or shredded material. Trees are taken out and sold to mills. In the US this method of ‘fuel reduction’ is driven by the commercial need for bio-char, but is dressed up as ‘fire-safety’. In Australia, burning forests as a method of ‘fuel reduction’ remains an unproven science as a method of keeping communities safe, despite its wide spread use. However there is much research that shows it can be useless to counterproductive and extremely damaging for the natural ecology and wildlife of areas.

We are proud to introduce to the United States for the first time, the finest Italian leather furniture made today. Everywhere you touch your fingertips are greeted by thick Italian hides surrounding beautiful styles. Whether it be dual reclining sofas featuring power headrests and footrests, or a stunning off the ground sofa design, the comfort level is unmatched, the styling superb. Then, you must try our new generously proportioned sectional featuring stainless steel legs, adjustable headrests, high density foam and the most luxurious leather you've ever caressed.

East german furniture

east german furniture


east german furnitureeast german furnitureeast german furnitureeast german furnitureeast german furniture