East german nutcrackers

By that point, the provenance of nutcrackers didn't really matter—if it ever did—for voracious American consumers, who just wanted something that looked vaguely like the guy from the ballet. Nutcrackers had begun popping up at bargain basement prices in department stores, with "Made in China" stickers stuck to the bottom of ripped-off German designs. Some of my mother's collection was made by the venerable old nutcracker houses ( Steinbach being the most storied) and purchased at a German specialty store in Cleveland; others were made in Taiwan and bought at Target. You can tell the difference if you lift them, feel their heft, and inspect the detail. Sitting on the shelf, though, it's the bright colors and whimsy you notice, which both kinds have in spades.

This year’s Christkind is Teresa Treuheit from Nuremberg, Germany. You can be excited to see the original Christkind at our Atlanta Christkindl Market on December 2nd to 4th. The Christkind will be part of the Grand Opening Ceremony, reciting her prologue translated from the original German, to welcome visitors to the Atlanta Christkindl Market. Additionally, during her visit the young and young at heart will have the opportunity to meet and greet and take pictures with her as she roams the market, sharing German holiday traditions and telling Christmas stories.

East german nutcrackers

east german nutcrackers


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