Old east west german border map

Those who started this mess, the East German so-called communist party officials (many of whom later carved up state enterprises among themselves and became very wealthy) should have been brought to account. All of their assets and those of their families should be stripped and given to those victims who lost their homes. The communist officials and those border guards who shot people trying to flee should have spent the rest of their lives in jail for crimes against humanity, or indeed executed under a special provision allowed by the EU.

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The early part of the period saw considerable missionary activity, and by 800 the whole of the Frankish Empire had, in principle, been Christianized. All the manuscripts which contain Old High German texts were written in ecclesiastical scriptoria by scribes whose main task was writing in Latin rather than German. Consequently, the majority of Old High German texts are religious in nature and show strong influence of ecclesiastical Latin on the vocabulary. In fact, most surviving prose texts are translations of Latin originals. Even secular works such as the Hildebrandslied are often preserved only because they were written on spare sheets in religious codices .

Old east west german border map

old east west german border map


old east west german border mapold east west german border mapold east west german border mapold east west german border mapold east west german border map