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The iconic newsreel footage was shot by four newsreel camera teams: Pathé News , Movietone News , Hearst News of the Day , and Paramount News . Al Gold of Fox Movietone News later received a Presidential Citation for his work. [7] [8] One of the most widely circulated photographs of the disaster (see photo at top of article), showing the airship crashing with the mooring mast in the foreground, was photographed by Sam Shere of International News Photos. When the fire started he did not have the time to put the camera to his eye and shot the photo "from the hip". Murray Becker of the Associated Press photographed the fire engulfing the airship while it was still on even keel using his 4 x 5 Speed Graphic camera. His next photograph (see right), shows flames bursting out of the nose as the bow telescoped upwards. In addition to professional photographers, spectators also photographed the crash. They were stationed in the spectator's area near Hangar No. 1, and had a side-rear view of the airship. Customs broker Arthur Cofod Jr. and 16 year-old Foo Chu both had Leica cameras with high speed film, allowing them to take a larger number of photographs than the press photographers. Nine of Cofod's photographs were printed in LIFE magazine [9] while Chu's photographs were shown New York Daily News . [10]

Pbs east german doping

pbs east german doping


pbs east german dopingpbs east german doping