Quick dbol cycle

LOL, when I wrote this I was panicking like crazy cuz of all of the forums I was reading about doing a dbol only cycle, actually about doing steroids in general. I can say that I dont know SHIT about this and was retarted for even using them without doing any research. I always thought that steroids only fucked you up if you do them for a long time. I thought that if I did only one cycle just to get a little bigger n stronger was all I needed to get motivated to work out more. I have not experienced any gyno or side effects yet, i was just looking for some advise on what i can do to minimize any possible side effects esp. bitch tits, or baldness.... my sex drive has actually gotten better these last 4 weeks...im afraid to stop taking tis shit without having anything on hand to take to prevent anyting from happening.

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Quick dbol cycle

quick dbol cycle


quick dbol cyclequick dbol cyclequick dbol cyclequick dbol cyclequick dbol cycle