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Stone Building, 3/4-mile north east of the village, is probably of the 17th century and of a type very rare in the Midlands being a tower house in the North English sense, not fortified but defensible within bounds. [11] It is said to have been the north-western of the four angle-towers of the great house begun by Thomas Spencer, who died in 1630 and whose monument stands in the church. There are no traces whatever of the remainder of any great house above ground, nor are there any indications where this tower joined up with the ranges of the house. [4]

This isn't something I ever did myself. (I promise I'm not on a high horse. The truth is that I didn't find anyone attractive enough to risk losing my job over.) But this is a thing, and much more common than the average person may realize. After all, even single parents have needs, and if you spend enough time with another adult, you might start finding them physically attractive, like finally liking that Taylor Swift song the hundredth time you hear it, or whenever someone claims to enjoy candy corn. If the feeling's mutual, you're very likely to see the other person naked. If it turns into a permanent thing, hey, you've already got the "introducing them to the kids" problem out of the way. And when they get older, you just have to have an uncomfortable conversation about the boning.

Smack the penguin steroids

smack the penguin steroids


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