Steroid acne scar treatment

Acne conglobata presents with blackheads appearing around the face, neck, chest, upper arms and buttocks in groups of two or three. Pimples form around the blackheads; they are large and engorged with fluid and may be sensitive to touch. They remain for a while and continue to grow and fill with pus until they eventually rupture. After the lesion has drained, it fills up again. After they rupture, several nodules can fuse together to form larger shapes. The lesions remain for a long time. They form a scab in the center but they continue to spread outwards. When the lesions do eventually heal, they leave scars that can be the usual type of acne scar (atrophic) or a raised bump like those normally left behind by a burn or a cut (keloidal).

In this procedure, the old scar is removed and new incisions are made on each side, creating small triangular flaps of skin. These flaps are then rearranged to cover the wound at a different angle, giving the scar a "Z" pattern. The wound is closed with fine stitches, which are removed a few days later. Z-plasty is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthesia. While Z-plasty can make some scars less obvious, it won't make them disappear. A portion of the scar will still remain outside the lines of relaxation, these are the scars which do not blend into the ‘wrinkles’ of the skin.

Steroid acne scar treatment

steroid acne scar treatment


steroid acne scar treatmentsteroid acne scar treatmentsteroid acne scar treatmentsteroid acne scar treatmentsteroid acne scar treatment