Test npp dbol cycle

in answer to no1 . i am gaining weight so im doing something right ? plus if you cant get simple math correct then wtf 80 kg is 176 pounds not that matters im not here to put people down on how big they are or what theyve acheived or how they got there i dint care there not me
2. my proposed cycle may be garbage for what u want to achieve or for your own personal use that is what you prefer ? but me on the other hand have no intrest in long cycles of aas? do you or have u expierenced two week cycles ? ur making a sorry statement that i will not gain on this 2 weeker but facts are i will i think you have poor judgement of my character and my knowledge on these cycles if i havnt studied enough i would never of stumbled upon german cycling of steroids etc so please leave your 15 weeks minunum trash cycles what leave man with no testicles or hair at home
i would like to point out that in no way was i saying he hasnt earned what he has and if he is natural thats some fine acheivemenet he is going to be stronger and more muscular he has been lifting longer with respect to flipcoller i dont want to train natural and that up to me i dont want to be waiting round years and years ... so yet again that was quite an ignorant comparison
i will give advice here i am a world of knowledge on aas use ur acting like ive just joined here and i only knew or studied about steroids a week ago basically judging me i asked for opinions on this coarse preferbly from people who have tried a 2 weeker sorry but if ya cant gain in 2 weeks then u cant gain in 10 simple as im gaining weight im on the way what else matters jjust because u may not agree with my advice does not mean it is incorrect or invalid thanks for your reply but id rather not bitch like little women ona thread thanks ps dont textspeek whilst driving i will update you how my gains go regardless

Test npp dbol cycle

test npp dbol cycle


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