Turbolink switching power supply

Instead of a using a ready-made rectifying bridge, the reviewed unit uses four discrete diodes. This is another evidence that we are dealing with a very low-end power supply. Four 2A05 diodes are used, each one supporting up to 2 A at 55° C. Therefore, this unit would be able to pull up to 230 W from a 115 V power grid; assuming 80% efficiency, the diodes would allow this unit to deliver up to 184 W without burning themselves out. Of course we are only talking about these components and the real limit will depend on all other components from the power supply. Here you can tell that it is simply impossible for this power supply to be a 450 W unit.

Turbolink switching power supply

turbolink switching power supply


turbolink switching power supplyturbolink switching power supplyturbolink switching power supply